Bananas have hearts

North America – Canada and the US – is abundant in Internet memes, whether it be of the pictorial or video variety. So far, a few of them have risen to well-known status within Net denizens, but in Filipinas, one meme has reached arguably national status

The clip is an excerpt from the 2006 Filipino action movie Apoy sa Dibdib ng Samar (literally translated “Fire in the Chest of Samar”). Here, the character in focus, played by Mark Lapid, cries this line that has gained Internet fame (and even outside of it) for its cheesiness that arguably even exceeds the worst amounts of cheese. Translated:

” Yes! I admit, we’re only bananas. But find a tree in the whole Philippines, only a banana has a heart! Only a banana has a heart!”

So funny and cheesy this was (the line really has the impact, of course, in the original Tagalog) that a Manila DJ has remixed this video into a dance mix that has got the airwaves in Manila (and perhaps the rest of the country)

Enjoy. And as a related video says, “saging is good for your health”.

7 Responses to Bananas have hearts

  1. idrian says:

    Sorry for the late reply. The joke here is the melodrama and unreasonable-ness of the line. As for whether bananas have hearts, the banana plant has a part that is called “puso ng saging” (literally “banana heart”) in Tagalog.

    On another thing, is there any way for me to message you privately?

  2. Will S. says:

    Yes, I did. Funny. :)

  3. idrian says:

    Have you watched the videos?

  4. Will S. says:

    I did; I just don’t get it. :)

  5. Will S. says:

    Bananas have hearts? What?

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