A new – and interesting – link to this blog

17 Apr 2012

Most of us know the historical event that is the 1917 Russian Revolution. Due to losses to the Central Powers in the Great War and economic & social turmoil at home, the Tsar Nicholas II abdicated his throne and replaced by a Provisional Government later to be led by Alexander Kerensky. The government’s decision to continue the war coupled by continued domestic conflict and ineffective policymaking led to its eclipse and replacement by the Bolshevik party under Lenin. Then followed five years of brutal civil war where millions of lives perished and lands wasted. Under the command of Baron Peter Wrangel, the remaining White armies fled from the Crimea before the victorious Red Army for exile. In Yugoslavia, he established the Russian All-Military Union (ROVS by its Russian initials), dedicated to maintain White ideals and pursue continued struggle against the USSR. Though its political and military importance had declined since, its status as the sole remaining organisation of the White movement and its chief standard bearer is important still, all the more so since the events of December last year.

I have included as a link here “IZ PUT”, which can be found on the right side of this blog. It is the blog of Igor Ivanov, current president of the ROVS. It contains articles by him about the history of the White movement, decommunization, the current political situation in Russia, among other related topics. I do hope, as Mr Ivanov surely hopes, that this might enlighten those in the West about the recent history of Russia, its tragedies, and its present condition.