Forest Chatter #1

06 Oct 2012

(Inspired by the 3 1/2 Time-Outs Tuesday by Acts of the Apostasy, once or twice – or a few times – a week GUBAT features comments on various events and topics appearing on the World Wide Web and beyond. Enjoy…)

First of all, I would have to say the above phrase was written a few whiles ago (with a current addition involving dashes), which may give you an idea of how long I didn’t – or failed – to touch this blog. Well, here I am and back, so let’s get this show on the road:

= the theme song for “Skyfall”, co-written and sung by Adele, differs from the previous two songs of the Craig Bond films in that while those songs are kinetic, with energy and noise, this one is laid-back, melancholic and sad. It gives yours truly the idea that this latest outing of the OO7 franchise is going to be a tragic one.

= so the younger Trudeau has finally decided to join the fray also known as the Liberal leadership race. Moi concerns: the supporters may say he has the dedication, good intentions, and “values” to enter the race and that he doesn’t need to be as intellectual as his father to be competent as a candidate – or Opposition leader or PM. It’s just that not only because of his youth – he still has got some time in his political life and yes, the family – but, you still need high intellectual ability (not to insult Justin) to be effective as leader of either opposition or government. I still just don’t see Justin as fitting for those roles.

UPDATE: this article by Dan Arnold on the National Post has made me stand up and take notice, if not reconsider, my anti-Justin position. And this article by Greg Weston makes you stand up also, especially the possibility of an opposition Liberal leader for the near future.